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Gymboree Group, Inc. was an American corporation that operated a chain of over 1,200 specialty retail stores of children's apparel in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Bain Capital acquired the company in 2010. Gymboree filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2017 and emerged from bankruptcy in September 2017. The company was then owned by a group of its original lenders. In January 2019, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in three years, announcing plans to shut down all Gymboree and Crazy 8 retail locations and sell off the Janie & Jack brand. Gymboree relaunched in February 2020 online and at select Children's Place stores.

Samantha a frequent buyer writes, "Seriously. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS STORE? A week after placing my order I haven’t received my tracking number yet. I have been trying to call every single day. I sent the email explaining the situation as you asked me to and TODAY I GOT AN EMAIL SAYING “ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER ARE OUT OF STOCK” and offering me 10 dollars off. ???? I purchased 24 items, over 130 dollars and the email doesn’t even tell me which ones are out of stock. It can't be them all as so many of them are still available on the website. How can a brand disrespect costumers like this? Especially when clearly we are already shopping for Christmas. There is no excuse for the lack of responsibility Gymboree is showing here."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Culture is not good here managers are horrible"

Former Employee - Chief Operating Officer says

"the company is now bankrupt"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Compensation for Managing an additional store was less than a 3% increase in wage"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Everything. Broken culture. Toxic work environment. Flailing strategy"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Pay could be way better"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Not very organized, too many sale changes and not enough communication"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Not enough hours at times"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Constant changes in direction on behalf of the company daily."

Former Employee - Lead Sales Associate says

"EVERYTHING! They treat employees like trash!"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Heavy work load, very little help."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"No one, not even the parents who enrolled their kids liked the owner of this franchise. When I was hired there was the owner and three other employees, out of the 6 months I worked there two employees left. There were classes where no kids showed up, yes even weekend classes. The owner wouldn't let us help her when there were big events and she went out to promote the business."

Play teacher/front desk (Former Employee) says

"Please don’t waste your time at the San Antonio location. I’ve previously worked at a gymboree in other states and this one is terrible. The staff is not friendly, they will not even acknowledge your presence when you walk in in the mornings. The pay is the lowest at any Gymboree nation wide and they are aware of it. Management promised me a raise after my training was complete. I received a training packet with two weeks worth of training that management had to sign off on everyday. I was “training” for three months and never saw that raise. Whenever I asked, there was always some excuse as to why I couldn’t receive it. Management stole my tips at birthday parties, had me work by myself long hours while I was still “training” and then would be very nasty if I made a mistake...because i was left alone and wasn’t trained. The only good thing about this job are the sweet babies. The place is not successful and I’m certain will be failing just like their other location did. I wouldn’t waste my time here."

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Not as if it is surprising for anyone who already works with children, but you will be exploited here. The pay is around the average for a daycare worker in the area, but you will never get full-time hours. A typical day is spent teaching mommy and me classes to groups of around 5-10 kids, with a maximum of 20. This is fun and fast-paced. But it is also very draining. Once you've been through the lesson plan rotation more than twice, you'll start to get bored. The workplace culture has widely varied from wonderful and supportive to catty and cutthroat. It just depends on the number of employees and their attitudes."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Where to start? I worked at Gymboree as a teacher for about 3 years. I've taught every class they have to offer and done many birthday parties. I will start off by saying, this business is, in my humble opinion, a glorified daycare. You will be responsible for changing diaper pails, cleaning up vomit, disciplining out of control kids while their parents are literally 3 feet away on their phone, you will get sick ALL THE TIME because parents bring clearly ill children to classes, and you will get judged for not being able to control a group of 20 out of control kids whose parents ARE THERE who are screaming, hitting each other, and running out of the playroom. Besides all of that, management was clueless, staffing was a nightmare. At least once a week on my day off, I would get asked to work for someone who didn't show up or didn't want to go in for their shift. We also had a slew of new people quit because this job is just plain hard and not for everyone. All of the singing and screaming can really take a toll on your throat. I would leave work every week with a sore throat or no voice at all. This job is also physically very straining as you will teach 5 play classes in a row with no break to eat or drink, and then teach 2 birthday parties on top of that with no breaks in between. You have to be FULL ENERGY for all of this! I would work 8:30 AM - 6 or 7 PM sometimes with no break. And the justification for no set break times is that you can eat or drink whenever you want BUT this is a catch 22 because sometimes you literally get NO down time for a break. Pay was super low atFlexible hoursSick ALL THE TIME, no breaks, low pay, horrible people, and exploitation"

X-Educational Director and Consultant for their Programs (Former Employee) says

"My time spent at Gymboree-Play-&-Music was short and not given the opportunity to work with the staff and create what might have been a wonderful experience for the program and staff. Unfortunately management saw it fit to force me out because of her insecurities and hidden agenda with respect to licensing! Moving forward. Shame on her! Wished them luck in ALL they do!"

Junior Instructor (Contract) says

"The management team wasn't realize at all. Workplace was friendly and the kids were so great. Enjoyed teaching them cause they were little babies to be around."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work includes teaching play, music, art, or school skills classes. Additionally, enrolling new members, selling products,cleaning and dealing with the owner/operator. I learned how to teach almost every class available at Gymboree Play and Music but no new marketable skill sets were developed. The management is the worst. They will size up your body and make comments about the amount of assets you have or don't have. They will follow you around like you don't have a brain in your head. They will question your intelligence for nearly every task they ask you to complete. Nothing you accomplish will be celebrated but everything you struggle with will be put under a microscope. Just be prepared to be micromanaged, underpaid and condescended. The hardest part of the job is learning all the differences between the classes and dealing with management. The most enjoyable part of the job is the children! Watching them learn and develop and have fun is very play oriented workdifficult management"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This is a franchise business and you can very much tell with how they handle certain situations! It is a very bias environment as well as them being very concerned with how it is perceived rather than how they function as a whole!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Gymboree WAS a great place to work... I never missed a day and gave it my all working there. My issue came in when I needed time off (2 days) because my son was sick and I was basically told in “nice way “ I would get written up if I couldn’t commit to working everyday as my job as a manager required me to work everyday with the exception of maybe 1 day off. It’s sad that a company that Is suppose to stand for family, couldn’t understand or be accommodating when it came to an emergency related to their employees families.Great environment if you love working with children and parentsPay rate is low"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"While the hours are good if you’re ok with working in the mornings, there is no opportunity to earn more money if you wanted to. Management sometimes seem like they are only focused on the customers and rarely the employees.Meeting new familiesProbably won’t move up"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was my first job, so it wasn’t terrible but the manager was low-key a jerk and picked on one of my supervisors for no reason. Plus most of my other co-workers would be on the phone in the middle of a transaction or FaceTime instead of helping out. And lots of times I would be alone during rush hour, barely knowing how to operate the register fully. And even though it had closed in my area and was open for a short time, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either."

Site Manager and Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Challenging but fun, Gymboree is an interesting place to work. Be prepared for heavy lifting and having to improvise, the Gymboree scripts have a few gaps. You may find that a playlist is missing for a music class and have to improvise LadySmith Black Mambazo's African Alphabet with Kermit the Frog, or discover that your franchise owner is missing a key piece of equipment and have to set up a different configuration of mats and climbers. If you are quick on your feet and do not mind singing in public, this may be the place for you, as you laugh and wiggle your way through a day full of smiling toddlers and coffee-club moms..Smiling faces, leadership opportunitiesLow pay, heavy lifting"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Gymboree is wonderful. The hours can be really flexible which is great for college students or people with children or other jobs. Working with all the kids is really fun."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Great job, i loved the job itself just had issues with the manager. She was a wonderful and fun person to work with on a friend level but as a manager she wasn't adaptive to teach you how you would learn. My availability was Monday - Saturday all day, but for religious reasons i don't work Sundays, which she knew hiring me. Then my hours were cut to 3 shifts all 3 hours long, when i asked for more hours i was told i needed to change my availability....the customers/kids, active job, fun environment, very fulfillingno real breaks during shifts, not enough time for as thorough cleaning as id like to do at the end of the day"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply here if you aren't comfortable singing nursery rhymes in from of a dozen people. Leading classes was great fun and very rewarding, however the manager made working there difficult. I was often made to feel inadequate, and wasn't given much support.However, the pay is good, and I was given a lot of choice over what shifts I work."

Facilitator (Current Employee) says

"As Facilitator, I am teaching 3 different classes such as Play&Learn, Music and Art to children from aged 0-5 years, following the concept of the brand. Working for this company has brought out my love for teaching, discover my creativity and learned the value of learning through play. I am based in Qatar where diversity is well embraced and so I'm able to encounter and meet people from different origins. And saying so, that thought me to become adaptive and flexible. Communications skills, passion in teaching, flexibility, reliability, pro-activeness and team player are my strong assets."

Teacher/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"You deal with a lot of parents & children at the same time. It's a high energy job and you must always have a smile on. The main office is very unorganized and changes the program without ever asking the teachers for their opinion. It's a company that's all about making money."

Play Class Instructor (Ages birth-2yrs) says

"While I think that Gymboree is a great place for kids, my philosophy as a teacher did not align with Gymboree's. The curriculum felt as though I was constantly infantilising students and catering only to what the parents wanted. My manager was not great at communication and I received no extra pay for a 4 hour commute each day I worked."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"While I really enjoyed instructing the adults and children during Gumboree play classes, there was way too much pressure on teachers to sell gym memberships. I feel teaching a good class is the best thing a teacher can do to sell the program and let the parents decide for themselves what works for them.Fun with the children.Teachers clean toilets!"

Music Teacher/ Sales (Former Employee) says

"It felt like a family being in this company and management was very flexible with scheduling and made sure employees were happy to work there. However, the pay did not equal the experience and expertise that company wanted for their teachers. Most were college grads or had long years of experience working with children and were significantly underpaid."

Amber Barr says

"Pretty sure this is related to usps but they lost a package that contained a sentimental item for my daughter. I starting complaining about 10 days in but they made me wait the full 14 days before they would do anything. By then the item by daughter wanted was sold out in her size. The balance of the items that they did a replacement order on now seem to be lost as well. I am no longer ordering from them and am steering clear of any business that uses USPS as their package carrier. So disappointed."

Katie Smith says

"unfortunate that they wont honour GC's from before their transition. $300 in GC's, gone. Their excuse that childrens place bought them and they cant access the previous information is BS. horrible customer service, especially in an era where customer service is so important."

Casey Richardson says

"Horrible service, took over a month to even ship my order then the wrong order came in. Never ordering anything from Gymboree again."

Bailey Kyle says

"I received a babyshower gift from here. I received a month after the shower so I needed to exchange the outfits for larger sides. When I went to exchange the 2bibs, 2 sets of blankets, and 3 outfits they gave me $24 for all of it since it had been past the 60 days. So they would only give me around $2 for each when I know an outfit is $24. How ridiculous is this?!! I know all of this stuff was worth a lot more than $24!!!"

Viktoriya says

"Scammers. I order clothing worth $500 .They failed to pay the shipping comany and i got stuck with another huge bill of over $300 .Because they refuse to pay it!Now im stuck dealing with the shipping company too ! Never ordering from this USELESS store.And your customer service is helpless !!!"

Lesley says

"I am a very avid Target shopper when it comes to my son's clothing. Unfortunately, they did not have great jackets this year, which lead me to the mall. I went in to Gymboree and purchased a jacket and other items. The cashier told me I earned $50 dollars in Gymboree bucks. I was very excited about this, I buy clothes very often since my son is 2t, and growing. I went back during the dates, I spent over 200 dollars. The sweet cashier had trouble with the coupon, but she thought it worked. I paid and took my receipt. I called Customer Service, turns out the cashier only applied $25.00 dollar credit of Gymboree bucks instead of $50.00 dollars. The solution I was given was a 25.00 Gift Card. I was disappointed by this Customer Service. It really should be a credit back to my personal account since the mistake was on them. In only two visits, I spent over 300 dollars. Gymboree can keep my $25.00 dollars, the lack of Customer Service to make a situation right is just surprising. I will find another buisness that takes care of their customers."

CMallais says

"I do like Gymborees clothes, but buying online from Canada is definitely not worth the prices nor the hassle! I wish I would have read reviews first but I figured they are a reputable company in almost every mall, why would it be any different buying online?! Well, lets just say that I was unaware they don't have a "Canadian" online store. so my $66 purchase then became an $87 purchase(what was actually charged on my cc). The tracking number I had received in an email didn't work (by clicking on it from the email), but noticed the shipping company was DHL. After several attempts, I finally found my shipment using the DHL website. And it had a message at the top saying "kindly read if your package hasn't been delivered". Looked closely below and it had been picked up by Canada Post in Mississauga and also mentioned COD. Finally at day 14, received a pick-up notification from Canada Post and $26.74 owed. Basically, my order ended up costing me $114 and 2 weeks to get my order. Honesty, not worth it. I buy almost everything online and this has never happened to me before. I won't be buying online from Gymboree again!"

Pat says


Ethel Balbaugh says

"I wish I had read the reviews about online ordering. I ordered several hundred dollars worth of clothing for my grandchildren for Christmas. I returned several of the items by return mail just a few days after Christmas. I have yet to get my refund and although I keep calling I just get the run around. Horrible Customer Service!! I have 4 grandchildren and I usually order between $100-$150 for EACH grandchild. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM GYMBOREE AGAIN!!! Could this way of doing business be a reason they are having to close stores? With regrets. Ethel Balbaugh"

Moran says

"Don't buy online! I must say that I like their cloths however, the experience I had to purchase online was really frustrating! I had to return few items and they never credited me back on the full amount and I have been chasing them for months now. Their online customer service is not organized and not professional (unlike other brands I have purchased). I will only buy from their stores Never online!"

Ann Zach says

"Please don’t shop online from Gymboree. The service is very bad . An item I ordered was unavailable at the time of shipment. I was not notified about the unavailability and after 4 weeks they sent me a revised order saying they have for the item. When I called the customer care they told me ignore the mail. After which no mail was sent to me. Now recently I had gym bucks to be redeemed. I had ordered online, while placing the order all the items in the order was showing as stock available. But then the order was shipped with only one item. As i had faced a similar issue earlier I called the customer care and enquired if the item was available. They said a big “No”,for which I was not notified till then. AsI dint want to waste my gym bucks amount I told I need to order another item instead of the unavailable item. The item I ordered earlier was 43 dollars before applying gym bucks . There wasn’t any item of the same price. So I asked her if I could order 2 item in order to make use of my full gym bucks. She said only one item could be ordered. And then I ended up in ordering one item for 35 dollars, which In short was a profit for them. She 17 dollars will be credited to my account. And she mentioned that I will receiving a reference No: inorder to track my balance amount if it has been credited. But unfortunately I haven’t got any email regarding the reference no: . Such irresponsible they are, cannot be trusted at time. They know only to squeeze dollar from customers pockets. Please guys try to avoid online shopping in Gymboree."

Nicole Dee says

"I wish I’d read the reviews. It’s unfair what they are doing to international customers. The website does not tell you what currency the site uses or charges so I assumed it was in CAD since I entered my Canadian address. My order came to $200 which I was ok with. When I checked my bank I was charged $260 CAD. Nowhere on the site did it state prices were in USD. I was charged $19 USD for shipping and when I went to pick up my package I was charged COD extra shipping fees of $64! So I basically spent an extra $124 that I didn’t ask for. I called customer service and they offered 20% off my next purchase. Seriously?? Why would I want to purchase from you again? They said the “shipping charges” were actually government taxes and charges. After arguing they said they’d refund me the shipping cost of $19 USD at least. When I checked my bank account they refunded around around $5 USD and not the $19 I was promised. I basically paid twice for shipping around $90 CAD for a box of clothes. After calling DHL (who charged me the $64) they stated Gymboree sends with duty unpaid although they never used to. Gymboree does not tell the customer that they do not cover duty fees! This is unfair. They do this on purpose because they know that no customer in the right mind would pay close to $100 for shipping a box of clothes. I could have gone to the store but decided to do all my online shopping and feel very taken advantage of. If they tell you shipping is covered, it should be covered! Too bad it’s a loophole and they can get away with this by blaming the Canadian government. Other companies who I’ve bought from in the states have never charged any sort of shipping fee let alone make me pay duty. Never buying from them again and it honestly makes me never ever want to buy internationally again. Poor customer service! They did not care about my concerns at all. They just said “sorry we will try to do better next time.” There will never be a next time! And that’s BS.. they know what they are doing to their customers because guaranteed I’m not the first to complain about hidden charges! And they haven done a thing. It’s a hard lesson learned."

Diane Levesque says

"Ordered two dresses for my granddaughter which came up to $46.95USD ($58.17CDN). Just received a bill from FedEx charging me for duty fees, HST and an advancement fee totalling $27.80CND!! So these 2 dresses ended up costing me $85.97CDN!! Totally NOT worth it!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!"

Tuyen says

"I have making six purchases all that is over chart and some of them is over chart, 100% I called them find out what the problem is they not cooperate the customer service is suck taking 3 day Tuesday was a problem finally I find out what the problem is a lot of those item I did not order they throw them in and they charged me anyway and I tell them to cancel all those older and they say no and they have to investigate and all that kind of stuff be careful what you ordered"

Shelley Dean says

"Horrible experience and customer service. Order took far longer to arrive than it should. I was then told I had to pay $30 in custom fees. I had no idea the order was being shipped from outside of Canada. Customer Service indicated it was in the fine print. Basically, I was out of luck. I would not recommend ordering from this company. I should have checked reviews first. Clearly the majority have had a bad experience with Gymboree."

Morgan Hicks says

"Honestly I love the quality of Gymboree clothing. They recently had an online sale and I had ordered a few shoes for my theee year old daughter. I was fine with my purchase until it came to the delivery. I was not impressed when first of all the shipping company Gymboree uses is called DHL. This shipping company never delivered my package to my door never left a package pick up form. I have to call DHL and then got directed to Canada post to where I then had I pick up my package from the nearest postal office. Hold on it gets better so when they finally found my package the lady gives me a total of $51!!!!!! I was shocked my order alone was $200 now they want me to pay an additional cost!!!!! The lady said it was DHL Gymboree’s shipping company’s cost for duties. I checked my email when I completed my order originally and it said nothing about paying additional money for duties when I pick up my package. Sorry for the rant long story short I love Gymboree’s quality but will not order online from them again because of the massive additional cost I had to pay when picking up my package."

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